About Me

I am an entrepreneur, engineer and coach.

I have widely traveled and connect with people all around the glob.

My great passion for bees have taken me to research and find more on bee values.

Bees are a great potential source for maintaining our ecosystem, our food supply system, water and air.

Bee products are of immense value to human beings.

Bees are on decline due to insecticides, bee diseases, stress, environment and bee pests. It is on the verge of extinction. We need to be aware of this and take positive action to retrieve bee population in the world.

As a primary step I founded Global Bee Village  http://globalbeevillage.com/ for the global bee experts and bee enthusiasts to join and express their opinion.

We practice action oriented work and propagate to have more bees for the world.

I can be contacted at vg@globalbeevillage.com/  and or bees4people@gmail.com

We are now in the second stage of our bee propaganda operation. You too can be part. To join or find more on this, just click the link below and see. There is something for everyone.





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