Save a bee, Adopt a bee, Breed a bee.

By: govind1949

Jun 13 2016

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Global Bee Village – to learn the art of creating bee awareness and learn to help the world have more bees. Their commitment to mitigate bee decline is simply practical and pragmatic down to the core.
Join them to mitigate bee decline by being part of Global Bee Village.
It is a global platform of bee enthusiasts and bee experts.
They create jobs, bee entrepreneurship programs though out the world.
They need people everywhere.
They need more people to be in the process.
It is about building a global enterprise with people participation.
Bees are worth the attention.  Bee values are deeper. Let us mine the bee values deeper.
Spread the news by joining and liking
Let us make the world a better place with more bees around.

Source: Save a bee, Adopt a bee, Breed a bee.


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